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Attorney Fees - DUI and DWI

Mr. McLane is available to handle your legal needs either on a set fee schedule or on an hourly fee basis with retainer if you prefer. In most DUI, DWI and traffic related charges, it is the client's preference to pay an affordable, set fee. Why is this?

Most experienced trial attorneys in the Kansas City area are billing anywhere from $300 to $400 an hour for legal representation. In a DUI charge, your attorney is typically handling two separate legal matters for you; your DUI criminal charge and your related driver's license suspension initiated by the State against your driving privileges. Criminal charges typically require three or more court appearances by your attorney. It is very common for attorneys to spend several hours a week in court waiting to discuss their cases with the prosecutors and judges. If you are paying by the hour, the attorney is billing you for all the time spent on your case, including waiting. Under such an arrangement, your attorney fee can exceed thousands of dollars very quickly.

With a set fee schedule, you pay a flat fee to Mr. McLane to compensate him for his representation of you on your charges. This fee includes the following services:

  • Initial in person meeting with Mr. McLane to discuss the facts of your case, as you know them to be from your own perspective.
  • Mr. McLane' entry of his appearance in your criminal case, and the likely continuance of your case to an attorney-plea docket reserved only for attorneys and their clients. This saves you considerable time from having to appear on the initial arraignment docket by yourself with all of the other unrepresented individuals.
  • Initiation of what legally is referred to as “paper discovery”, in which our office requests the entire police file, breathalyzer results, and any in-car videos available in your specific case.
  • Mr. McLane's personal review of the police file and in-car video upon their receipt in our office, which typically averages forty to sixty minutes. THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL TIME OF REPRESENTATION – THE PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT OF THE PROSECUTOR'S CASE ALLEGED AGAINST YOU. If holes are available in the facts of your case, or legal technicalities available to defend or minimize the charges against you, this is when an experienced trial attorney can pick-apart the prosecutor's evidence against you.
  • Mr. McLane's personal appearance in Court on your behalf, and if required, setting the case for preliminary hearing and/or trial.
  • Handling all settlement discussions with the prosecutor and judge, whether they entail an outright dismissal, plea agreement, diversion, suspended imposition of sentence, etc.
  • Mr. McLane's personal appearance at your driver's license hearing to challenge the suspension and revocation of your driving privileges.
  • Finally, trial to either a judge or jury if your case is not resolved by either dismissal or plea.

In DUI cases, Mr. McLane offers a staggered, set fee schedule. This is to your benefit, as you only pay a higher attorney fee if your case actually goes through trial. Less than 5% of DUI charges actually proceed all the way through trial. 95% of cases are resolved through negotiated pleas, diversions, suspended sentences, or dismissal if the facts warrant this result.  You should only pay a higher fee if your case is actually one of the few taken all the way through trial. This includes individuals charged with felony DUI.

Attorney Fees - Traffic Related Offenses

Mr. McLane prefers to handle your traffic tickets on a flat fee term to avoid any misunderstandings associated with hourly billing.  In most DUI, DWI and traffic related charges, it is usually agreed upon to pay a reasonable fee predetermined by the attorney.  Mr. McLane offers very reasonable rates for most cases, from speeding tickets to handling your driving while suspended and/or no insurance charges.  The more complex the cases involving accidents, insurance companies, and engaging the DMV for past records usually requires a higher fee. Dealings with these agencies can be time consuming.  For instance, try calling the DMV in Topeka or Jefferson City.  It's a rather frustrating event.  We generally draft letters to the companies or DMV to document our contact.

Attorney Fees - Felony Criminal Defense Work Other Than DUI

Mr. McLane is available to handle your legal needs either on a set fee schedule or on an hourly fee basis with retainer if you prefer. In most felony criminal defense matters other than felony DUI, the client pays a retainer and is billed on an hourly basis.  Felonies often involve pretrial hearings, including Preliminary Hearings, that are time consuming yet valuable for all parties.  Therefore, fees are generally substantially higher on these cases.  After all, a felony conviction can be a life changing event and we focus to minimize the impact on your life.

Most experienced trial attorneys in the Kansas City area are billing anywhere from $350 to $400 an hour for legal representation. Mr. McLane is presently handling most criminal defense related matters in the middle of this spectrum, at $350 an hour. This is done by maintaining low overhead in our law firm's practice and passing the savings onto you.

If you expect experienced trial counsel to handle your criminal case, then call my office to schedule your appointment.  I can generally meet with you the next day.

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Matt McLane has been defending individuals charged with DUI, traffic and criminal offenses since his graduation from Washburn University Law School in 1996. Licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Mr. McLane specializes in DUI and criminal defense throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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