Marijuana Possession Charge amended to Jay Walking


Client was a passenger in a car stopped for suspicion of DUI.  Following driver's arrest for DUI, passenger removed from vehicle and searched for weapons and drugs.  Baggy containing marijuana found in his jean pocket.  Motion to Suppress the search filed prior to trial to get the search of the passenger suppressed based on a questionable stop of the vehicle. Prosecutor agreed that the stop had legal issues that could make it difficult to prosecute.  The charge was amended to a Jay Walking violation and a $100 fine assessed.  Client, who had a prior Possession conviction, avoided another conviction, a year supervised probation, periodic drug screens, a fine, and trial fees in the 1000s. I can count on him for future referals.

  • DUI Dismissed Following Suppression of the PBT

    July 2016

    Client charged with DUI following a routine traffic stop. Officer requested a PBT (prelim breath test) at the scene but incorrectly advised the driver that she could not refuse the test. We moved for suppression of the PBT and the court agreed the result will not be heard as evidence. Case dismissed for lack of evidence. Read On

  • City DUI charge dismissed at Pre-Trial Conference

    February 2016

    Client charged with DUI and Possession of Marijuana and after pretrial discussions with the City Prosecutor agreement was reached to dismiss the DUI and drug charge in exchange for a plea of guilty to possession of paraphernalia for a fine of $250. Read On

  • Misdemeanor DWI charge amended to Lane Violation after raising "Alcohol Absorption Curve Analysis" Evidence before Trial.

    May 2016

    Client's breath test of 0.083% deemed insufficient after offering proof that his level of impairment was under 0.080% (legal limit) when stopped by law enforcement for an alleged lane violation. Initial DWI charge amended to a Lane Violation. Read On

  • Felony DUI amended to a Misdemeanor after driver's criminal history challenged

    June 2015

    Client's felony DUI charge amended to a A misdemeanor after reviewing court documents from one of the prior convictions that raised issues regarding the thoroughness of the Journal Entries--Defendant's signature missing. Client's lack of signature on the Sentencing Documents paved the way for arguing that client was not advised of his various rights, including appeal rights, under the law. Prior conviction therefore not a factor at sentencing. Read On

  • Minor in Possession Charges Dismissed

    February 2015

    5 under age drinkers caught drinking and playing "beer pong" in a rural field in Kansas.  Sheriff deputies called by a neighbor to investigate the source of "loud" music, yet the deputies could barely hear the music from the road and couldn't identify where it came from.  After parking on the sid... Read On

  • Driving While Suspended Dismissed

    Driver charged with driving while suspended following a car stop due to a seat belt violation. Judge ruled in favor of driver following suppression hearing, ruling the stop of car was unreasonable as it was dark at the time and the shoulder strap of the seat belt likely blended in with driver's shirt. Thus, stop of car was illegal. Read On

  • DUI Dismissed due to Probable Cause Issues

    November 2012

    DUI charge dismissed following bench trial as the basis of the stop was ruled unjustified and did not meet the definition for a driver "welfare" stop. Driver was allegedly passed out at McDonald's Drive-thru prior to stop. Officer failed to articulate reasonable suspicion to stop vehicle. Read On

  • DUI Dismissed

    September 2013

    Driver stopped after failing to signal lane change as he merged onto highway.  Driver performed field-sobriety tests, refused the Preliminary breath test, and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.  After reviewing the video, we filed a Motion to Dismiss based on lack of evidence of impairment.  Desp... Read On

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